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Asking What’s happening in Irish people’s hearts right now? we are researching personal experiences to create a time capsule of the heart. Innovative methods are being used to engage creative responses. Groups across Ireland and the diaspora are being asked. The results will be delivered on a new website.

 What’s the point?

To record and present using alternative media “the true pulse” and life experiences of the people of Ireland. A cultural and social experiment with an alternative research process. We aim to develop a “time capsule” representing the collective heart of the Irish people made available publicly.

 Who benefits?

Irish people across society, including marginalised groups, the diaspora, social researchers and students will benefit as this research offers insight and challenges perspectives. The voices of different communities is presented collectively to encourage understanding, create connections and soften isolation.

 What are we are doing?

We are asking “What’s happening in Irish people’s hearts right now?” A pilot survey has been completed by 150 students, testing questions around courage, hope, understanding, wishes and feelings. Results are in the form of drawings, colour choices, word statements and stories. Preliminary results can be viewed on this site. We are extending this research across a selected range of groups with the addition of video footage. Data visualisation methods will compare results by gender, age, location and groups. These will be published online with a user-centered approach.