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A group of volunteers who were involved in other social projects and businesses came together to set up this  project.

 Main drivers 

Niamh Gunn
Social entrepreneur, ex MD of and qualified solicitor. Ex Managing Director and one of the founding directors and owners of’s VAT Division, a global successful Irish multi-national employing over 800 people. Niamh previously worked with Barry Scheck & the Innocent Project based in New York and was integral to the exoneration of Walter Swift, a man who served 26 years in a US prison for a crime he did not commit. The Law Society in conjunction with the Chief Justice John Murray held an event in 2008 to reflect on the exoneration with Niamh, Barry Scheck and Walter Swift as guests. James McGill as part of his closing annual statement as President of the Law Society, said the event was one of the highlights of his year. Niamh also held numerous business positions in London, the US and Asia Pacific. Niamh Gunn is a Qualified Solicitor, member of the Law Society of Ireland and graduate with a BCL of UCC and Business with UL. Currently based in Cork and works as a business consultant and as a social entrepreneur on a number of initiatives with an interest in driving social change.

Orlagh O’Brien
Initially working with Designworks and Language in Dublin, Orlagh graduated with a first class Masters degree in Graphic Design from London College of Communication. Her final research project, titled Emotionally}Vague went viral the year after completion, with 800,000 unique hits in first year online. Pablo Achard, Ph.D., Swiss Center for Affective Sciences has said: “This is definitely one of the best things I’ve ever seen on the difficult topic of emotions.” The project was presented in the States to the innovation and social entrepreneurial conference Pop!Tech 2010 (video) and was part of an exhibition on Darwinism and emotions in Porto in collaboration with the Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis (pictures here). The methodology is the basis for on-going research by Northeastern University, Affective Sciences Institute, Boston where a paper is currently being written. The work is featured in Visual Research 2nd Edition, Russell Bestley and Ian Noble. Currently based in Cork and works as a design consultant with an ongoing interest in meditation and well-being.

 Project Consultant Volunteers 

Sinead Barry, Project Coordinator, ex Ernest & Young Entrepreneur Year Award

Michelle Darmody, Owner and Founder Cake Café

John Dineen, Web Developer, Founder

Margaret Dorgan, Ex Atlantic Philanthropies, Communications Consultant

Geoff Fitzpatrick, Founder Micro Media, Media and PR driver

Alan Fitzpatrick, Communications Strategist, Fenton Communications

Daniel Griffin, Web Developer, Founder of

Mari Kennedy, Events Coordinator, ex Coordinator to President McAleese

Vickie Maye, Editor Irish Examiner

Ruairi McKiernanfounder, Member Council of State

Eimear McNamara, Solicitor

Julie Meehan, Psychologist

Claire Mulvaney, Founder of Trailblazers, Author of One Wild Life

Kathy Scott, PR Consultant, Founder Trailblazers

Marie Toft, RTÉ Producer

Susan Quirke, Communications and marketing, not-for-profit sector.