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Write a story of when you needed/wished for courage. Write a story of when you needed/wished for courage.

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On 30, Apr 2013 | No Comments | In | By admin

Write a story of when you needed/wished for courage.

This pale slide shows the  frequency of the words used – the bigger the size, the more the word is used. The dark slide is a test of a tree map, using IBMs Many Eyes site, where we considered the idea of  requiring an answer beginning with ‘when’.

The original question and responses are as follows:
Write a story of when you needed/wished for courage – up to 12 words only! They can be a sentence, random or disconnected.

When I was giving a presentation.
Facing Funeral.
I needed courage when my best friend moved to another country.
Leaving Cert.
When my uncle died.
When I swam in the Lee Swim.
When doing my production for my fyp.
When I watched the wizard of Oz, Lion wished for courage.
Anytime the attention was on me, I always feel under pressure.
College, Stress, Family, Friends, Death.
When I was doing the HPAT. To eat in front of body.
I wished for courage when I had to sing in front of a crowd.
Vulnerability in love, in life and in new experiences – travelling alone and together.
During my leaving cert.
I had to poop but the toilets were blocked.
When I did the leaving cert.
Performing at the jazz festival.
When I was selected to play for Ireland U20’s at 18.
One time I had unprotected sex, I had the balls to follow through.
When I broke my leg in four places and needed courage.
To become a divorced dad.
I wished for that dog from the tv show and he arrived.
You have courage when you stand up for yourself and don’t just follow the crowd.
Courage to go to sleep Christmas Eve cos I was scared Santa might kill me.
a Husband to help.

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